Get Off The Phone Excuse Machine
Sometimes you need a good reason to get off the phone with someone — maybe a nagging friend or a bothersome telemarketer…
It’ll never be a problem again after you get your “Get off the Phone Excuse Machine”. This little device gives you 6 different sounds that will help you out of the tightest spot – and get you off the phone “fast”. 
USE this gizmo at home, in the car or at the office — mobile phone users: enjoy it wherever YOU are! Amaze your friends, annoy your enemies. Control your destiny !
Freedom is just “the press of a button” away!!
The excuses include:
1) Crying baby
2) Doorbell
3) Police Siren
4) Static
5) Car Crash
6) Chinese Food Delivery
Indicate interest
to Paul at (203)365-0611 or info at suburbanponderosa do calm
Price: $10